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Wanderlust is a wandering musician who has escaped western civilization. When he's not busy wooing foreign ladies with his music, he spends his time Well, music and women are just about it.

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Maybe you had a hard time believing it. Grow one and be prepared for your social scene success rate to shoot up to a new level. Well, science is never a bad place to start. And the bottom line is this: What makes beards attractive?.

I know this next topic will be a very sensitive one for many in this day and age. As you all know, many people like to get different types of tattoos and body piercing put on the different parts of their bodies. You will see people getting tattoos on just about any part of the human anatomy, even on their most intimate, personal, and private parts. The same goes with the different types of body piercing.

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Beard growing is the most macho and rebellious celebration of your manhood that you can do with no effort at all. If you need more excuses, feel free to use a few of these. Winter is the perfect time to grow a beard. The holidays are like six weeks of weekend. Growing a beard will be just like having a baby.

Just over a year ago, few people outside the hunting industry had ever heard of duck call creators the Robertsons, but now the family and their show, is the most popular on television. Their huge success can be attributed to their unusual ways of dealing with problems and, of course, their glorious long long beards. Scroll down for video. The Robertson men - Si, his brother and founder of the Duck Commander company, Phil, and his two sons Willie and Jase - are renowned for their fully fledged men of the wilderness facial hair. But just a decade ago, it was a very different story with the ruff and rugged men looking more like a Haynes T-shirt commercial.

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A beard is the collection of hair that grows on the chin and cheeks of humans and some animals. In humans, usually only pubescent or adult males are able to grow beards. From an evolutionary viewpoint the beard is a part of the broader category of androgenic hair. It is a vestigial trait from a time when humans had hair on their face and entire body like the hair on gorillas.

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By Fiona Macrae for the Daily Mail. Gentlemen, this is one to take on the chin. While men think other males look better with a beard, females prefer a fellow to sport nothing more than heavy stubble, a study has revealed. The Australian researchers said women may be put off by beards as they make the wearer look more aggressive. Men, however, value the macho look. For the study, scientists photographed ten young men with four lengths of facial hair — clean-shaven, light stubble, heavy stubble and fully-bearded.

The ladies give the lowdown on the appetizer to sex: The guys tackle reputation and penises. Then, when it comes to relationships, the ladies let you know when it's time to leave the past in the past.

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