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Clash of clans is basically a video game for mobile users which is developed by the Supercell. This game was first released for the iOS users and then for the Android users. The game is like a fantasy tale in which the player is the chief of the village and he had to make his own town with help of the resources, the main resources available in clash of clans are goldelixir and dark elixir.

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Throughout the course of time, Supercell has introduced many updates. In this newest update for the Builder Base, we are introducing a bevy of upgrades including two units: We're also increasing the Versus Battle Rewards to trophies. What else says your base means serious business than a massive barrel capable of demolishing several troops in a single blast?.

Clash of Clans is a freemium mobile strategy video game developed and published by Finnish game developer Supercell. The game is set in a fantasy-themed [3] persistent world [4] where the player is a chief of a village. Clash of Clans tasks players to build their own town using the resources gained from attacking other players through the game's fighting features. The main resources are gold, elixir and dark elixir. Players can conjoin to create clans, groups of up to fifty people who can then partake in Clan Wars together, donate and receive troops, and talk with each other.

A few days ago, I posted a quick guide about upgrade order for both farming and Clan Wars at a time but these days I also have received couples of questions about upgrade priority for players who are focusing on just Clan Wars. This guide is based on the Clan War matchmaking system in game and for optimizing your base weight, help you always can 3 stars the enemy base which has the same position as you your mirror in Clan Wars. I think we all know why we should upgrade these 3 buildings at first. Upgrading our current troops to their new max levels should always be the highest priority. By upgrading 2 Spell Factories, you can bring more and new spells into the attacks, especially very essential for Clan Wars, where just one more Spell can change everything. At Town Hall 8, you can get the Poison Spellwhich helps you deal with the Clan troops much easier, and the Earthquake Spell, which helps you finish off most Town Hall 8 war base with the Zapquake Combo.

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Extremely easy-to-use, just enter the level and quantity of each item on your Base and it will automatically calculate everything for you. Microsoft Office Excel is required to open this file. Otherwise, you can upload this file to Google Drive and start using it from there. Please read the information below before downloading and watch the tutorial video shown here as there are a few things you should be aware of before you try to operate or download the War Weight Calculator. There are two main sections of this calculator. Simply enter your information and your Weight is automatically calculated for you!.

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The total weight of all the villages which join the War of your Clan decides who will be your next competitor. Click on the button below to download the Clash of Clans Weight Calculator by raptor Microsoft Office Excels is required to open this file. Otherwise, you can upload this file to Google Drive and start using it from there. This sheet is extremely easy-to-use. Everything you want to do is just to enter the quantity of each kind of building you have. Here is a quick look for you:.

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